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Arrow Trike

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Arrow Trike

Just wanted to let you know I have purchased a Performance Arrow from St. Louis Recumbent.  I took possession today and had my first chance to really try it out on the trail, after it was fitted to me.  This is my first recumbent, but I’ve been doing distance riding on bikes all my life and am currently 58 years old.  Tony and Carol were great to deal with and really took the time to show me the Trikes and your bike sold itself amongst the others.  The best selling point to me was the large rear wheel and the position of the seat in relation to my thighs, making me feel that I was sitting in the seat, not on the seat.  Tony suggested I contact you and pass on information as I learn the trike.
, Illinois

 Gary, I had the opportunity to put 30 miles on  the demo trike today  in an organized ride. We started late and played catch up the entire  ride so I don't have any side by side comparisons with other trikes.  The one thing we did notice was shifting is extremely crisp and precise, the chainmanagement is best we have seen yet no noticeable chain drag or noise. In fact the ride was quite in comparison to my employee's Bacchetta Corsa.

Hi Gary, We managed to get a short ride in today with one of the local speed skaters on the Arrow. He was very impressed with the performance and component spec of the Arrow when compare to his current Trice QNT. Both bikes are about the same weight but as you know the Arrow has a larger rear wheel and better components. With the upgraded brakes we added, the Arrow out performed his Trice. We switched off riders and were amazed at the performance and speed of the Arrow in a side by side comparison.
Portland Oregon

Dear Gary , Just wanted you to know that buying your trike was the right move.  After looking all over at different trikes I was totaly confused,  But now I know I made the right descision. The price was a little expensive but less than anything else I could find like it.  Its is so cofortable and fun to ride.  I now look forward to riding.  

Gurnee, Illinois

Dear Gary, One of our customers who is a CAT2 cyclist took the Arrow trike out today on a 50 mile ride with the Portland Wheelman a group of
elite road cyclists. He said the trike got a lot of positive feedback from the die hard road riders, most after the down hill runs where he
passed the pace line and ran away from the pack.
Maxxon Sports


Wow!  You guys really hit a home run with the Blade!!  I’ve had mine now for about two months and I simply cannot believe how much fun it is to ride.  I rode my first century a couple of weeks ago and I am very impressed with how comfortable it is to ride.  Uphills are even easy on my Blade as I can actually feel the power transfer!  I also find myself at times not pedaling nearly as hard as other riders as the Blade seems to ride so much faster than other bikes. Because of my position on the Blade, there is very little wind resistance, so downhills are just crazy fast!  By the way, I bought the blue Blade and I have to say that the pictures on your site do not do this bike justice.  The blue finish is absolutely beautiful.  Way to go guys!  Keep up the good work!


Chris Cook

Brazil, Indiana

Took out a Blade for a 1/2 hour ride and was very impressed with the comfort and speed. This is a fast bike and it handles great. I have had a lot of rcumbent riding experience and I would rate this bike as one of the best I have been on. This bent looks great and handles as well as it looks.
Pompano Beach, Florida

Hello,  I just wanted to give you a very positive update on the bike today.  I decided to take a bit of a risk, and went out for about 40 miles, on streets, bike paths and roads that are little bit out of town (though they won't be for much longer as they're building big subdivisions in almost all these areas).  I was quite comfortable in the seat the whole time, and have my SPD pedals properly aligned to avoid any knee or ankle strain.  I had an absolute BLAST, and discovered that I'm "wicked fast" on this thing!  I actually added several miles to a route I had done previously for this jaunt, and yet I finished the whole ride in something like  1.5 hour(s) less time than it had taken me on my mountain bike!  I don't have a computer on it yet, but I went past a speed trap setup that told me I was going in the 22-23mph region.  That totally shocked me!  As I got further along, I ran into some cyclists.  Some were serious roadies, some were casual riders.  I normally pass the casual folks, but this time I flew past them like they weren't even moving.  Hotshot roadies normally pass me quite handily, but this time I overtook them at about the same rate as they usually zip by me.  Several speedy folks with high-$$ road bikes seemed quite surprised to be passed so quickly by a recumbent.  And I'm not even close to being in good recumbent riding shape!
Houston, TX  77082
 I recently purchased a Performance XPR Stiletto (underseat steering) recumbent bike.  This is my 4th recumbent.  All of my other bents were more expensive (one was over twice the price).  However, the Stiletto is my favorite & most comfortable to ride.  It's FAST, COMFY, and RELAXING.  Riding the Stiletto is as comfortable as sitting in a La-Z-Boy.  Friends who have tried my Stiletto prefer it over their bents.  I've tried all of the Performance XPR bikes - they are all winners.  With all of the XPR bikes, you get a lot for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this brand to everyone. 
Jim Gullicks
Munster, IN





trike recumbent bike view frame tires brake{short description of image}

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